Likhona Camane, producer and live DJ,  shares with us a multimedia journal of his travels in North America over the past year. Likhona describes his journey below:

For three weeks I traveled to far out places in order to observe and experience a new and different life outside of mine. This is my recollection.











This was a time for me to simply observe and listen. i was quiet, still and open for the most part. this allowed me to view things from a more external point of view, which was a different approach compared to all my previous work, which was mainly more internal and focused on the roller-coaster of emotions and ideas constantly running through me. 
this is more of what i saw and heard and (at times) how i reacted to these things. it is a constant waving between consciousness and unconsciousness.













Download the project (which includes a 31 photograph photobooklet; poems; and a digital album) on bandcamp