We recently had the pleasure of chatting to the young team behind ‘NOMASONTO – Sunday’s Best’ – a short fashion film which follows a young girl named Nomasonto and her love for fashion; Johannesburg; and everything it has to follow. We asked the team to write us a letter about their creative journey and the challenges of taking on such a project. 

This is what the director, Neo Twala had to say about this project:

This is the longest project any of us has ever worked on and along the journey, we encountered challenges that became lessons and motivated us to produce the best work possible. My crew and I were set out to tell a story and to share an experience. This story is a lived reality and creating something so personal felt like home. Once we had a set narrative, everything else fell into place and each crew member was able to contribute their talents in their respective disciplines and to film as a whole.




Resources are a major challenge for many emerging creatives, whether its time, money or equipment. Because we were fortunate enough to have equipment provided to us by the competition, time and space was a huge challenge for us, especially during the post-production window. Coming from film school, we worked on our projects day in and day out. We had the luxury of devoting all our time to creating and perfecting our projects. However, when the ball started rolling with this film, most of our crew members, including myself, were working a 9-5 and we had to make time after work and during weekends. I think believing in your vision will make you fight through challenges to see it become what you saw in your dreams. I feel very fortunate to be part of this crew because they are honest people who have personal, authentic stories to tell.


This project taught me endurance and perseverance. We’ve been working on it since late last year and from pre production through to the submission day, we had to keep going and because we believed in our story, we made it to the end with a project that we are all proud of.


Sunday’s Best shares a different perspective of Johannesburg through the story of Nomasonto. It personifies the city and amplifies the feeling of it being our home.”


You can watch NOMASONTO here


Nomasonto – Sunday’s Best Credits

Starring Miya Twala

Narration by Liziwe Kwanini

Directed by Sizwe Mbiza

Co-Directed by Neo Twala

Makeup by Mamello Mokhele

Edited by Neo Twala

Cinematography by Sizwe Mbiza

Music by Badulah & Exkho Alvarez

Styled by Miya Twala

Assisted by Bongani Manganyi

Special Thanks to Simon & Mary