Bougie Pantsula is a duo is made up of rapper Njabulo Mpanza (Jabba) and producer Buni Bogopa (Matt Ryan). Jabba originally hails from Boksburg in the East Rand of Johannesburg while home for Matt is Atteridgeville in Pretoria.  The two are currently based in Cape Town both studying towards completing their degrees at the University of Cape Town. It’s here in Cape where the duo came together and started working on their craft. Their aim simple – combining genres such as Hip-Hop and Afro Beats to maintain contemporary cultural authenticity. Additionally, they want to create a multi-sensory experience where people see their cultures and aesthetics being moulded into a single entity through our sound.


We asked Bougie Pansula some questions to get to know them better:




Q: What was/is the inspiration behind you two teaming up together?



Bougie did not start off as a duo at first. It was just “Matt and Jabba” collaborating on multiple tracks – whether it be for brainstorming song direction or the traditional producer/rapper song relationship. Once we figured that all of our work was basically collaborative in nature did we decide to join hands. 






Q: Streaming numbers and social media clout are big parts of the music industry as we currently know it. With your sound falling outside of the mainstream, what has grounded your vision and focus on remaining authentic to your sound?


A: One of our biggest propellers has been the messages we try convey in our music. We constantly aim at addressing realities that are core to young people today and share our own experiences in conveying this. Doing this while stirring up dance floors simultaneously has allowed us to remain core to our authentic sound



Q: You recently collaborated with a local retailer on your first major campaign; and have been working with the RedBull Studios on some exciting stuff, so from the outside it seems like you have successfully established yourselves as emerging creatives to watch out for. What have been your biggest challenges  in breaking into the music industry so far

A: More than anything balancing the academics with the music has proven rather difficult at times. Furthermore, our location has seen us miss various opportunities at expansion. All of this however has just been learning curves and we’re really exited with what Bougie Pantsula is about to do for African Music at large.

















Q: In a time where having a large social media presence plays a major role in determining the opportunities made available to you for e.g. the recent campaign you did with Markhams, how do you find balance between focusing on your music and building an online presence?

A: We often joke around our sound, constituting it as genre fluid. In the same light, were currently establishing our online presence in manner that allows us to stay true to our individual as well as cohesive identity. With what’s to come we’re trusting, and  it’s slowly becoming evident that our online presence is about to change exponentially for the better.


These guys are refreshingly exciting and a much-needed curve ball in South Africa’s burgeoning music scene.


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Listen to Bougie Pantsula’s debut EP – Bougie Pantsula below